Plasma Science & Entrepreneurship 2016

3rd "Plasma Science & Entrepreneurship"

General Workshop Information


These workshops are organized to allow PhD/MSc science based start-ups, university spin-outs, small and medium sized enterprises (SME), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), OEMs active in R&D tools and SME OEMs to grow their customer base and discover new applications. The Workshop will feature lectures, table top demos and poster presentations. Accepted contributions will accelerate market introduction of plasma science. All abstracts will be reviewed by the International Scientific Committee (ISC). Nominations of speakers/posters/table top demos may be suggested to the organizer Hugo A.M. de Haan, who will inform the ISC.

Who should attend?

To enhance customer development & application discovery by means of European collaborative research, an invitation is given to leading scientists and PhD students, as well as a special invitation to: PhD/MSc science based start-ups, university spin-outs, small and medium sized enterprises (SME), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), OEMs active in R&D tools and SME OEMs.

Table top demos / poster presentation

In parallel to the workshops, tabletop demos and poster presentations are organized. Companies willing to present their equipment, products and or services may book a tabletop demo. Students are encouraged to give a poster presentation. The best poster presentation will get an award.

Who should attend and why?

  • Startups and Spinoffs; The workshop will help in application discovery and customer development to assist meet & match with scientists at universities and corporates. Secondly this will help in possible startup finance. The workshop facilitates presentations, booths and demo's.

  • Profs/Universities; During the event there will be ample opportunity for Science & technology exchange and initializing cooperation with corporates and startups. Secondly we aim add stimulating international student competition and create new competition clusters.

  • Corporates/ OEMs; There is opportunity to present the latest innovations using a booth or a presentation. Due to the nature of the workshop there are opportunities for Corporate Venturing.

  • Venture Capitalists/Private Equity; During the workshop there are different investment opportunities.

  • All;During the workshop there will be time for H2020 consortium meetings, entrepreneurship and exchange of experience is encouraged

Table top demos / poster presentation

All abstracts will be reviewed by the International Scientific Committee (ISC). Nominations of speakers / posters/ table top demos may be suggested to the organizer Hugo A.M. de Haan,

workshop application themes
  • Biomedical & dermatology
  • - Wound healing
  • - Dentistry
  • - Eye Treatment
  • - Bio reactors for cell surface interactions
  • - Control of protein adsorbtion
  • Plasma/CVD/ALD
  • - CVD/ALD patterning & production
  • - Spatial ALD
  • - Low temperature plasma assisted ALD
  • - Multifunctional organic thin films
  • - Direct writing of TIO2 thin films
  • - SIOx bi-layer films plasma deposition
  • - Atmospheric pressure micro plasma
  • - Plasma modeling
  • - Pulsed power technology
  • - Plasma Catalysis
  • - Producing Nanoparticles
  • High throughput and roll to roll
  • - DBD/Corona power suply technology
  • - Roll to Roll & high volume processing
  • Cleantech & industrial
  • - Cold plasma and disinfection
  • - Pre-treatment of polymer particles in additive manufactering
  • - Anti-biofouling
  • - Textile applications
  • - Printed electronics
  • - Cleaning of air, water and soil
  • Surface modification & analysis
  • - Chemical functionalization
  • - Plasma/inkjet combinations
  • - Stabilization of functonal plasma polymer films
  • Sensors
  • - SPR Sensor
International Scientific Committee

UK: Prof. Timo Gans,The University of York; Prof. Davide Mariotti, University of Ulster
Italy: Dr. Fabio Palumbo, CNR; Prof. Pietro Favia, Uniba; Prof. Giorgio Dilecce & Dr. Santolo de Benedictis, IMIP CNR; Dr. Francesco Ghezzi Istituto di Fisica del Plasma CNR; Dr. Paola Brun, University of Padova
Spain: Dr. Angel Barranco, CSIC Sevilla; Dr. Ricardo Molina Mansilla, IQAC-CSIC
Belgium: Prof. Dr. Rino Morent, Ghent University; prof. Joël de Koninck, University Mons
France: Prof. Remi Dussart, University of Orleans, Polytec, GREMI; Prof. Antoine Rousseau, CNRS; Prof. Farzaneh Arefi-Khonsari, University of Piere & Marie Curie, Prof. Christophe Vallée , LTM, Prof. Tiberiu Minea, Université Paris-Sud, Prof. Michael Tatoulian, Chimie ParisTech, Dr. Agnès Granier, Institut des Matériaux de Nantes; Prof. Alix Gicquel LSPM CNRS; Dr. Emilie Despiau-Pujo LTM
Netherlands: Prof. Gerrit Kroesen, Prof. Dr. Ing. Guus Peemen, Prof. Dr. Ir. Carlijn Bouten and Prof. Dr. Volker Hessel, TU/e; Prof. Dr. Ir. Pascal Jonkheijm, University Twente; Dr. Aart van Amerongen, Wageningen UR; Prof. Dr. Jan Bernards, Fontys; Dr. Frank de Jong, FEI; Dr. Ir. Hindrik de Vries, Differ; Dr. Ir. Alquin Stevens, InnoPhysics (Chair 2014)
Switzerland; Dr. Dirk Hegemann, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology
Ireland; Dr. Dennis Dowling, University College Dublin; Prof. Bill Graham and Prof. Brendan Gilmore, Queen’s University Belfast, Dr. Paula Bourke, Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)
US; Dr. Gregory Fridman, Drexel University
Finland; Prof. Matti Mätysalo, Tampere University of Technology
Serbia; Dr. Ir. Zoran LJ Petrovic, Laboratory for Gaseous Electronics IPB
Portugal; Dr. Ir. Vasco Guerra, Instituto Superior Téchnico
Greece; Dr. Evangelos Gogolides, NCSR Demokritos INN
Germany ISC/Organizing committee: Dr. Michael Thomas, Prof. Dr. Claus-Peter Klages (Chair 2016) , Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Viöl, Fraunhofer IST Germany; Prof. Klaus-Dieter Weltmann, INP Greifswald;  Prof. Dr. Ing. Peter Awakowicz, University Bochum; Dr. Marko Eichler, Dr. Dr. Wilfried Weigel, Scienion GmbH; Prof. Dr. Ursel Fantz, Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik


Chair (ISC); Prof. Dr. Claus-Peter Klages, IST/TU Braunschweig
scientific partners ; Dr. Marko Eichler, Dr. Michael Thomas and Dr. Jochen Borris, Fraunhofer IST, GE
Partner; Inplas
website; Ing. Joop Schep and Dr. Ir. Alquin Stevens, InnoPhysics
Overall; Hugo de Haan (Vision Dynamics Science & Entrepreneurship)


Nov 30 & Dec 1,2016


Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST
Bienroder Weg 54 e
38108 Braunschweig


How to get to Fraunhofer IST

Location evening program

Steigenberger Parkhotel
Nimes-Strasse 2
38100 Braunschweig


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Abstracts of the speakers will be made available to the participants as a handout during the workshop

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