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Vision dynamics Science & Entrepreneurship is aimed at: Physics R&D tools, application discovery and customer development. In order to help the application discovery and customer development, vision dynamics organizes a low entry workshop every 3 months in one of the following themes:


  • Biomedical
  • Dermatology
  • Plasma chemistry
  • Atmospherically pressure micro-plasma
  • High throughput & roll to roll CVD and ALD
  • Nano particles
  • Low temperature CVD and ALD
  • CleanTech and surface analytics


  • Human diagnostic and animal health devices
  • Surface functionilization for antibacterial/antifouling, analytics, detection and imaging
  • Drug release systems and nano medicine
  • Cell-material interaction for organ on chip devices and regenerative medicine
  • Lead compound discovery and novel screening methods
  • Complex fluidics
  • Microfluidic cell-handling, processing and analysis
  • Synthetic cells and Nano-robotics

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Innovative physics organizations as start-ups & spin-outs, OEMs and Universities who developed R&D tools, benefit by self organized, international workshops. Self organized Q&A workshops are low entry, low cost, focused to meet peers and grow their network and discover new applications.


Many physics applied science based entrepreneurial activities aim at an “killer application “in the long run, and try to raise money for that. Our experience is that the entrepreneurial journey can best be started by offering low cost R&D tools & services in the short run to the scientific- and application community to avoid the financial “valley of death” .To allow short run exposure & growth, we organize one workshop in Europe every quarter.


To facilitate all physics applied science based entrepreneurial activities, the workshops are divided into 4 main theme’s but stimulate cross-border science interaction. An International Scientific Committee (ISC) of professors & industrial scientists including start-up experience will recommend annual application discovery themes and supervise the academic speakers list & admission.



The two day workshops and social evening event allows time to exchange entrepreneurial experience & unthought-of applications , bilateral and in groups.

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